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Theme Content Tab

In the Theme Tab- there is the Content sub menu. This area controls different options on the site display.
The sections are fairly self explanatory, but there are a few worth mentioning that we can see you using regularly.

1. Open external post links in new window – this will look for all links in your blog posts and automatically convert them to open in a new window. Great function to keep people on your site.

2. Make content urls clickable – This is very useful for the web developers who are building sites for customers with little web expertise. You do not have to worry about them making a link for urls when they make blog articles. Simply enable this option and every url in blog posts will convert to a link.

3. Custom After Post code. This feature is one of the most used in our toolbox.  We use this to put disclaimers etc for our Customers who blog.  We also use this for a notice area, etc.


Theme Content sections

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