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Login & Registration

Page Appearance

The page appearance section lets you custom brand the wp-admin login page.

This section is In Site Toolbox, Login and Registration, Page Appearance.

As web developers, we use this for just about every site.    Depending on the circumstances and the skill level of our customer who may be logging into the site, it varies as to what all we set on this sections.

For a typical Customer we do the following:

  1. We add the customers logo at 320px width.  If you do a larger logo – it will spill over with a left justify.  That is because the WordPress div for the login form section is 320.
  2. We add our website, email and phone to the login message,  this is useful in case a less skilled customer goes to login and messes things up, they have our contact info handy.
  3. For security – we will remove the lost password functionality on non store sites.  If the customer cannot remember their password, we will go in an reset it for them.  This also saves hours of calls because the wordpress emails ended up in their spam folders 🙂
  4. Transparent style will add a gray box to the login div.  This is simply a nice touch to make the text pop on that page.  It all depends on your theme.
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