The Web Design Ninja started building custom websites back in November of 1993.  We are a team of 9 developers with over 100 years of php and WordPress development experience.  We specialize in building custom WordPress and php sites.  We have built dozens of custom WordPress plugins and have recently started to market a few of them to the public.

WordPress Site Customizer is supported by the team at  Our team of professional web developers has been working with the internet for over 30 years now.  We have built thousands of WordPress websites.  We are the creators of the WooCommerce Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin with thousands of happy customers.    We use this plugin on all our custom websites to help accomplish dozens of tweaks in seconds.  We used to use the WordPress Ultimate Tweaker plugin but the original authors just disappeared.    It simply didn’t work with current versions of WP and PHP.  We took the main concept and wrote new functions following industry best practices.  Let us know if you want other features and we will consider adding them in future releases.