Site Customizer – The WordPress Ultimate Tweaker

Easily adjust hundreds of settings in WordPress without coding.  Great for developers who want to brand their WordPress sites for the customers.  Add your logo or customer logo to the login page and admin dashboard.  Want to customize the admin panel and menus – just a few clicks and you have a custom branded WP site.
We have been building custom websites for over 26 years and have built thousands of custom WordPress and WooCommerce sites.  This plugin contains tools that we use on a daily basis on all our customer’s site.

Here are just a few cool things in The  WP Site Customizer


Main Features

Error Log Viewer

Easily view recent entries in your sites error_log from the Admin Toolbox

Theme Control

Web Designers can easily control theme settings. Disable updates, disable installation or switching. Even block customizing.

Post and Page Control

Easily add custom text at the end of all posts – great for a disclaimer, auto convert external links to open new tab, color code status and more!

Admin Dashboard Control

Custom Brand the WP Dashboard with your logo or customer logo. Check icons and dashboard options for different user roles.

Plugin Control

Take total control of your plugins. You can hide updates, add new, deactivate options. Web Developers can control what their customers can do to avoid costly mistakes.

Updates Control

Completely hide update notices or simply hide from menu, or disable updates for different functions like plugins or themes.

Our Mission

The Web Design Ninja strives to provide excellent software and applications following the latest Industry Standards.

We listen to our customers and are constantly adding features and functions based on their input.

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We are putting the finishing touches on our demo videos.  Please check back soon for our new documentation and demo videos!

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